BAE Systems Hägglunds CV90120 Light Tank

Bron: MilitaryLeak

​The CV90120 light tank was developed by the BAE Systems Hagglunds as a private venture. The CV90120 uses modified CV90 (Combat Vehicle 90, Stridsfordon 90) infantry fighting vehicle chassis. The CV90120 has been developed to meet a specific demand – firepower comparable to a Main Battle Tank, in a lighter, more mobile vehicle.
The vehicle fires all standard NATO 120mm smooth bore ammunition from the battle-proven platform of the CV90. This delivers a level of mobility that provides the crew with the tactical and strategic edge. It also provides forces with a cost-effective route to gaining battle-winning firepower.

The light tank is armed with a fully-stabilized 120 mm high-pressure low-recoil smoothbore gun. The light tank is fitted with a computerized fire control system and stabilized day/night sights. Vehicle’s integrated battlefield management system ensures situational awareness. It fires modern NATO ammunition. Mounted co-axial to the left of the main armament is a 7.62 mm machine gun and mounted either side of the turret is a bank of electrically operated smoke grenade launchers. The gunner has a roof mounted stabilised Celsius Tech Universal Tank and Anti-Aircraft System (UTASS) sighting system which is also fitted to the CV 9030/CV 9040 vehicles with day/thermal channels and a laser range-finder.