Excalibur Army Unveils Dita Self-propelled Howitzer

Bron: MilitaryLeak

Czech defense contractor EXCALIBUR ARMY officially unveiled DITA self-propelled howitzer. The 155 mm DITA self-propelled 45 caliber howitzer is a new modern artillery weapon using a NATO standard 155 mm ammunition. Weapon system is available with extended range up to 39 km with base bleed projectiles and 50 km with high-precision ammunition. It derives from the original Czechoslovak concept of Tatra truck-mounted howitzers, but it takes the autonomy of operation into a new level – DITA offers an unprecended rate of fire with only 2 members of the crew.

The DITA howitzer is equipped with a powerful Onboard Control System which contains subsystems of diagnostics, navigation, automatic gun iming, autonomous calculation of shooting elements and ammunition selection subsystem. The DITA howitzer is equipped with a special A.S.A.P. system (Automatic Setting of Action Position) and with an ammunition control system which greatly enhance the speed of task execution and overall effectivity of the weapon. This technique is also distinguished by the ability to quickly change position, as well as high cross-country ability.

Thanks to full automation of the system the vehicle is operated by a crew of only 2 – driver and commander. The cabin is protected according to STANAG 4569 Level I. The vehicle is equipped with new ergonomically distributed driver’s and commander’s controls (vehicle controls & diagnostics , C2I systems, FCS and CTIS). High performance heating, A/C and NBC filtration system is installed. Auxiliary 24 V source with a hydraulic pump (APHU) allows emergency control of gun in case of accidental engine stop.