Israel reveals its new laser and GPS guided mortar ammunition: “Iron Sting”

Bron: Army Recognitio

According to information released by the Israeli Ministry of Defense on March 14, 2021, the Directorate of Defense Research and Development (R&D) from the Israeli Ministry of Defense, the IDF’s (Israeli Defense Forces) Ground Forces and Elbit Systems reveal the new laser and GPS guided mortar ammunition named “Iron Sting”.

The new 120 mm guided mortar ammunition has recently undergone final trials in a testing site in southern Israel. The completion of testing enables the start of serial production ahead of the system’s supply to the IDF (Israel Defense Forces).

The series of tests was carried out using two networked Cardom mortar systems that were developed by Elbit Systems: a “Cardom” system, mounted on an M113 APC and a “Cardom spear” system, mounted on a Hummer 4X4 SUV. The Iron Sting is designed to engage targets precisely, in both open terrains and urban environments, while reducing the possibility of collateral damage and preventing injury to non-combatants. Its operational use will revolutionize ground warfare and equip battalions with organic, accurate and effective firepower.

The CARDOM is an autonomous, computerized 120 mm recoiling mortar system suitable for a variety of tracked and wheeled armored carriers. The CARDOM provides accurate, effective and immediate fire support for rapid deployment units and Special Forces, as well as for infantry and artillery units.

After ten years of research and development, the Israeli army will be equipped with advanced capabilities made for the modern battlefield. This laser and GPS- guided mortar ammunition provides troops with a precise firing capability that has only been implemented in missiles and air ammunition thus far. This is a very complex program and a groundbreaking system on the international level.

The introduction of this laser and GPS-guided ammunition transforms the mortar system from statistical firepower into a precision fire system, thus delivering a significant change in fire capabilities at the tactical level.