Navantia Conducts First Live Fire Test of TIZONA

door Defensie Munitiebedrijf

Spanish firm Navantia on Saturday announced that it completed first live fire tests of TIZONA, the 30mm unmanned turret for the Program “Combat Vehicle on Wheels” (VCR 8×8) of the Spanish Army.

The Tizona has barrel stabilisation features and latest generation electro-optical systems. It will be integrated into the 8×8 Vehicle selected by the Ministry of Defense, including other selected subsystems such as the Spike anti-tank missile,
coaxial cannon or smoke grenade launcher systems. In addition, TIZONA will be available in both manned and unmanned versions with minimal modifications and a high level of commonality between both configuration.
The unmanned turret has already been integrated into the same Piranha V vehicle for other NATO Armed Forces.

Bron: The Verge