Rheinmetall Unveils Remote-Controlled Vehicle Weapon Station.

Bron: TheDefensePost

Rheinmetall unveiled a futuristic remote-controlled vehicle-mounted weapon station, called the Natter 7.62. The station’s modular concept allows the integration of various mounting kits to accommodate weapons ranging from 5.56 x 45 mm to 7.62 x 51 mm, the German defense manufacturer revealed on its Youtube channel. The Natter was initially developed for trucks, considering the roof load capacity of 105 kg. The station uses “carbon-based mount technology,” which reduces weight and vibration.

The station comprises an all-weather FlexEye sensor system installed coaxially to the weapon line, capable of simultaneous display of several targets on the operator’s monitor screen during operations. The station has both manual and automatic target tracking capabilities. The station also features “high first-hit probability, high angular precision and speed, self-stabilized platform, and underwater ability.”

“The weapon station sets standards in the areas of protection class, operational capability, and dynamic targeting of asymmetrical threats due to the cross-sectional use of innovative software modules within the latest Rheinmetall RCWS (remote-controlled weapon station) Systems,” the developer said.