US Anti Hypersonic Weapon – How to Shoot Down Hypersonic Missiles

Bron: NHN New Horizon

US is developing anti hypersonic weapon that can shot down incoming hypersonic missiles. The US is developing Hypersonic and Ballistic Tracking Space Sensor system (HBTSS) that will counter hypersonic missiles even at re-entry phase (glide phase) China & Russia are rapidly increasing their hypersonic weapons. In recent years both countries have performed several hypersonic missile tests. Hypersonic weapons is a trending military technology because they beat the current defense systems.

The hypersonic attack is a big threat for the US that it could face. The US has also developed hypersonic weapons and is expected to deploy its hypersonic weapons in 2023. Along with the development of a hypersonic arsenal the US is also considering to develop a defensive system that could intercept hypersonic attacks.