WASP: Wide Area Surveillance Payload

Bron: IAI

WASP is a compact airborne EO and IR WAMI (Wide Area Motion Imagery) sensor. Providing the capability to persistently monitor a wide area, detect and track targets, and provide a comprehensive situational awareness picture of the area. WASP offers persistent wide field-of-view coverage with “narrow” field-of-view resolution, in a unique compact SWaP (Size, Weight and Power) solution. It features simultaneous Color Visible and Thermal (Mid-wave IR) imagery, allowing continuous operation, day and night.

WASP is designed for easy installation onboard airborne platforms such as fixed-wing, rotary-wing or unmanned aircraft, as well as aerostats. Its 3-axes stabilization design enables collection of sharp imagery during platform maneuvers and vibrations. An airborne Digital Processing Unit (DPU) can be provided with the WASP. The DPU employs advanced data and image processing algorithms for automatic detection, classification and tracking of objects of interest in the monitored area.