International Armored Group Unveils Rila 8×8 Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV).

Bron: MilitaryLeak

The RILA 8×8 IFV is revolutionary in the 8-wheeled armored fighting vehicle category, with multiple versions of the vehicle available with different features, specifications and armaments.The vehicle can be armored up to STANAG 4569 LEVEL 4 protection, and available gross vehicle weight rating GVWR ranges between 26,000 – 32,000 Kgs. Rila 8×8 is a mine-resistant ambush-protected (MRAP) with blast attenuation seats, the RILA 8×8 can seat up to 12 fully geared personnel including driver and commander.

The design of the vehicle is standard for a modern armored personnel carrier with the engine at the front, crew in the middle, and troops’ compartment at the rear. The vehicle is controlled by a crew of three and can accommodate ten (10) passengers, enabling greater troop-carrying capacity. A powerful 13.0L or 16.0L diesel engine produces between 550HP to 720HP, allowing the vehicle to be driven at well over 105km/h, with the ability to maintain a cruising range of 720KM depending on driving conditions.